Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!

With the holidays upon us I have rather fallen off my blogging game.  As a result I have all but missed Avon’s first campaign of the New Year.  This campaign ends on Saturday.  I don’t know how that happened. 

Regardless I want to let you all to know that this first post Christmas brochure really has some great deals. There is an extensive Outlet brochure which contains deals from both Avon and Mark and the regular Avon brochure is chock full with post Christmas deals from eye shadow to skincare to jewelry and watches.  Take a look and see what strikes your fancy.

The Clinical Eye Lift is on sale for $20 – I know that there are a few of you out there who really like this product and this is a good time to stock up.
There is a Mark compact on sale for $7.99 – These compacts are a great deal with 9 eye shadows and nine lip-glosses.

All two-week supplies of Anew cleansers are on sale for .99 with any purchase from the brochure.  These are great travel items as they are under the 3 oz. rule.  Advance Techniques hair care products are a whopping $2.89 each.  Eye liner pencils - $1.99  Moisture Therapy Lotion with AHA’s - $5.99  Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel or “handsitizer” as we call it in my house - $1.99

At these prices you will be able to easily make the current $10.00 threshold for free shipping, so don’t hold back.  Everybody needs moisturizer.  Take a look.  These prices go away on Saturday.  Internet orders only please at  To view the brochure, click the eBrochure link at the top right hand corner of the page.

Remember free shipping for all orders over $10.00.

Happy New Year,

Tracy the Avon Lady

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