Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week I Wore Foundation

This week I wore foundation.

This not something a usually do but product testing is a requirement for the Avon Lady.

This is what I used:
Avon Flawless Ideal Shade Makeup in Soft Honey

When I ordered it I was unsure of what shade I should get since I was ordering foundation through the mail.  There are a few things I know about myself by now. 

1.    When choosing foundation shades I always seem to think my skin is darker than it really is.  Knowing this I forced myself to choose lighter.
2.    If the color was wrong I could easily return it and start over.

Well, I lucked out because from what I can tell the color matches me well.

This is what I learned:

1.     A little goes a long way.  I initially used too much and so I had to blot it with a baby wipe.  This worked well in lieu of a makeup sponge.  I guess I was a little unprepared.
2.    The product worked well providing even coverage that was a good base for my regular makeup application.  When I applied my usual blush it went on the way it usually does and when I applied my lipstick I liked the more pronounced outline that the foundation provided.

I'm sure that there are those of you out there who go through this process every day but I rarely do.  I was pleasantly surprised my how easy it was, that my skin felt really good to the touch and looked good.

To help with the process I'm attaching this link to a tutorial from makeup artist Paul Innis.  Maybe next time I'll try a brush.

Tracy the Avon Lady.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Campaign 23 - Christmas Already?!

Before I get started I want to thank all of you who are participating in Avon breast cancer walks this year.  Avon is the #1 corporate contributor to breast cancer charities. To date Avon has funded over 14 million mammograms and opened 8 Avon Breast Imaging & Research Centers. Additionally, in 2004 Avon launched Speak Out Against Domestic Violence in response to epidemic levels of date rape and relationship based violence against women. The corporate commitment to these causes is unyielding. Thank you for your support.


Yup.  AVON is kicking off the holiday season.  Sure it's only October but December will be here soon enough and this way you will be ready without getting anxious about the delivery of your fiber optic light up Santa Claus.  Sure it's CHEESY but Christmas isn't complete without a little cheese.  There are:
  • Interactive Talking Santas
  • Fiber optic light up snowmen
  • Winter scenes with skaters that change colors
  • 3D advent calendars with spinning Santas on top

Need I say more?  You can see all of these and more in action at  I think the Interactive Talking Santa and the light up Christmas scene are my favorites.

Yes we have makeup and skin care too.

In addition to the decorative items Avon has also started rolling out the holiday cosmetic packages and you can find the first round of them them on pages 44-63 of the eBrochure.  On these pages you'll find makeup, foot care and fragrance packages for men and women.  There are even little gift tags with lip gloss samples on them.  Cute.

Here's a link to the eBrochure -

Beginning on page 65 you will see the usual collection of makeup specials.  The exceptional deals in this section are:

Page 76 - Smooth Minerals blush and Kabuki brush are offered here together for $7.99.  At this price this light, mineral pigmented blush is an exceptional value.

Pages 80 - 83 - All of the foundations, powders and cream to powder foundations continue to be on sale at a rate of buy one get another for 1/2 price.


This campaign's Anew Clinical promotion is really terrific.  Buy any Anew Clinical product and get another for $5.00.  This is a great opportunity to try the Advanced Retexturizing Peel or the Eye Lift Pro, the Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum or the Luminosity Hand Cream SPF 15 or the Derma-Full Lip Volumizer.  The Lip Volumizer is fortified with high levels of Hyaluronic Acid. This amino acid is a key ingredient for plumper more even toned skin and this lip treatment is fantastic.

These items are on pages 134-131.

I have a new favorite body wash, Skin So Soft Signature Silk Cream Oil Body Wash. This rich creamy body wash has moisturizing beads, smells great and leaves my skin really soft. August likes it too. It's available for $4.99 on page 200. Who knew these brochures were so thick. You'll find all the body care products and a selection of stocking stuffers at the back of the brochure, so stock up on lip balms, hand creams, travel sizes and my favorite Naturals Cucumber Melon Deodorant for $0.89. That's right, 89 cents.

Lastly I want you to know about Avon's new line for babies, Tiny Tillia. This adorable line of clothing, parenting items, bath products, towels and other items is Avon's newest venture. You can shop Tiny Tillia through me. Simply go to and choose Tracy Balzano as your representative. If you have any baby gifts to give or if you have a new little one yourself you are sure to find something here to meet your requirements.  This link should take you to my Tiny Tillia boutique.

That's it for now.

Happy shopping.

Tracy the Avon Lady

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Campaign 21

This week is makeup week.  It's October, it's getting colder, and the makeup won't melt off your face as soon as you apply it. Enjoy new colors and formulations.  Makeup is fun and at these prices why not live it up.  A page view of the brochure may be found at  Click on "shop now" and you will find the eBrochure at the top of the page, or try this link.

Deals and Steals -

Pages 10-43 of the brochure are full of sale items.  Since I can't list them all I'll mention a few and you can browse for the rest. There is bound to be something you can use on these pages unless you're like me and have collected so much makeup you don't know what to do with it all.

Page 13 - Eyeshadow Quads, $6.00
These compacts come equipped with 4 complimentary colors and at this price you can experiment with more than one set. Right now I'm using the Island Breeze quad and the Purple Haze quad.  Greens and plums compliment brown eyes.

Page 17 - Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eye Liner, $5.00
While not quite liquid like these pencils go on super smoothly with good color.  I've been bored with black and so have been experimenting with lots of other colors.  In this liner I use the Black Plum. I kind of wish they's make it in some bright colors.

Page 33-  Ultra Color Rich Lipstick, $4.00
This is a classic formula for Avon with lots of creamy colors and finishes.  My current favorite is Rich Ruby.  It is a lightish red with a non drying matte finish.  Recently I went to a wedding and forgot my makeup.  I was lucky enough to have powder, mascara and this lipstick.  Look completed.  FYI, the "Intense" colors are specially formulated for darker skin tones by make up artist Paul Innis.

Page 35- Anew Skin Transforming Primer, $12.50
I have been using this for a few weeks and while I don't know whether or not it's improving my skin I can say that it is providing for more even skin tone in the morning and I have been going without my usual tinted moisturizer.  This has been particularly welcome on some of the warmer days we've had.  For now, it's my go to primer.

Pages 38-39, $6.00-$11.00 buy one get one 1/2 price
On these pages you'll find Avon's classic Ideal Shade foundations, powders and concealers. There are lots of shades and returns are free so you can order several and see which is a match.  The shades are great and you can avoid that trip to the store.  Look here for a demonstration.

The big release of this campaign is Anew Genics Treatment Night Cream with a formula 10 years in the making.  It is touted to stimulate "youth genes" in your own skin to repair, regenerate and a renew facial skin making you look years younger with regular use.  I've been using it for several weeks and while I can't say whether or not the Anew primer is improving my skin I do believe the Genics cream is.  In the morning my skin feels super smooth and the color now appears more uniform and less mottled.  Try it for $38.00 and get a day cream of your choice for $10.00.  As usual I am recommending the Anew Clinical Retexturizing Peel.  I think this is the single most important part of my skin care regimen, except for simply taking care of my skin regularly.  See a video about the Genics Treatment Cream here.

On the last pages of the brochure you'll find all the body care products.  You're bound to find something here you can use; body wash, moisturizer, foot care products and more.  Lastly don't forget the Advance Techniques hair products and the Mark brochure.

Happy shopping and let me know if you have any questions at all.

Tracy the Avon Lady